Life and Science

The Covid crisis has shown once more how important the Life Sciences are and how crucial they are to help improve life quality in the world. It pushed us to reinvent ourselves and take new challenges. That’s why our Life Sciences team has build expertise to support all our partners in hiring the new profiles they need to tackle those challenges.

Thanks to internal and external trainings, we are trained to speak the same language as our candidates and customers. This is centric in our approach to understand both expectations and ensure an added value in our collaboration with either candidates and clients. Thanks to these trainings programs we are able within Jefferson Wells Life Sciences to understand specifications of GMP environments, biotechnologies, chemical sector or even agronomy.
Our experts are spreaded on whole Belgium and have a regional focus to support our partners.

Besides our 80 consultants on site bring a specific expertise to our clients, help them improve their performances and support them achieving their targets in terms of Quality, innovation, deadlines or even engineering and logistic.

Today we cover a broad scope of positions from junior to experienced managers in the following domains:

  • QA
  • QC
  • CSV
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Qualification & validation
  • Laboratory activities
  • Production – Process, management
  • Project management
  • R&D – analytical method development, scientist
  • Engineering – process, maintenance, construction, lean & black utilities, automation
  • Packaging
  • Logistic