Video podcast of the Webinar : The Role of Physical Sciences during Drug Product Development – 17/06

In this webinar, our 2 key speakers, Luc Aerts ( Heading the Solid State and Material Science group at UCB Pharma) and Mehrdad Pasha ( Powder Expert at UCB Pharma) , covered a holistic overview of different stages of small molecule drug development, specifically focusing on physical and physico-chemical aspects that play a key role during the development of a drug products.

While chemical properties like assay, impurities and their possibly toxic nature are evidently of utmost importance for drug efficacy and safety, some commonly less known aspects of drug development are discussed.

It illustrated how the solid state of an active compound has a direct impact on its stability and bioavailability as well as the impact of good understanding of the physical properties of the ingredients, used in the formulation, on performance of powder processes and drug products in the patients.