Video podcast of the Webinar of the 14/09 : Discovery of gene therapy and its analytical specificities

Life Sciences

Jefferson Wells Belgium presents you the video podcast of the Webinar related to gene therapy.

The key speaker of the event was Gaël Debauve, Ph.D. Head of Gene Therapy CMC Analytics, UCB.

The objective of the presentation was to introduce gene therapy and in particular the therapeutic strategies related to the use of viral vectors.

Video podcast of the Webinar : The Role of Physical Sciences during Drug Product Development – 17/06

Life Sciences

In this webinar, our 2 key speakers, Luc Aerts ( Heading the Solid State and Material Science group at UCB Pharma) and Mehrdad Pasha ( Powder Expert at UCB Pharma) , covered a holistic overview of different stages of small molecule drug development, specifically focusing on physical and physico-chemical aspects that play a key role during the development of a drug products.

While chemical properties like assay, impurities and their possibly toxic nature are evidently of utmost importance for drug efficacy and safety, some commonly less known aspects of drug development are discussed.

It illustrated how the solid state of an active compound has a direct impact on its stability and bioavailability as well as the impact of good understanding of the physical properties of the ingredients, used in the formulation, on performance of powder processes and drug products in the patients.

Podcast Video van onze Webinar van 27 op mei : Tips & Tricks voor jouw carrière in de life science wereld

Life Sciences

De beroepen in Life & Sciences zijn momenteel erg populair, des te meer met de gezondheidscrisis die we doormaken.

Er is veel aanvraag binnen de farmaceutische, agrofood- en chemische sector, ze hebben nood aan specialisten zoals jij om hun talrijke uitdagingen aan te gaan.

Ben je nieuwsgierig, studeer je of ben je nog steeds actief in deze sectoren, dan nodigen we je graag uit voor dit webinar waarin onze toprecruiters hun advies en tips zullen geven. Ze zullen je begeleiden bij het ontwikkelen van je wetenschappelijke en technische carrière.

Je krijgt tips voor het opbouwen van een cv, en krijgt een overzicht van het soort banen dat beschikbaar is bij Life & Sciences alsook een uitleg over wat consultancy is en hoe het werkt.

Video Podcast of the Webinar : Transfer of Analytical Methods between laboratories at GSK – 27/04

Life Sciences

Jefferson Wells Belgium organized this Webinar where we passed through the different steps used at GSK Vaccines to transfer analytical methods from one laboratory to another one within the company network.

We passed through the different tasks required and will cover the test classification and the way to determine the transfer criteria and document these transfers.

Pierre Voet, M.Sc., the key speaker of this event has 36 years of experience at GSK Vaccines and he spent his last 10 years more specifically on the transfer of analytical tests between GSK Vaccines sites.

Video Podcast of the Webinar : Feed-back is a gift or how the patient is the core of business

Life Sciences

Jefferson Wells Belgium Life and Sciences presenting you the video podcast of our Webinar about how a Manufacturer handles a complaint made by you about a vaccine product. You will see how the complaint can be a gift at the same time to the transmitter and the recipient. And how all the production cycle and every chain can be affected by a simple complaint made by you!